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What are Adjustable Shelf Clips?

Adjustable shelf clips allow flexible shelving solutions for storing, displaying, and selling materials of all shapes and sizes.  With adjustable clips, you can customize the vertical height position of your shelves and create a variety of different looks and purposes. If you’re still wondering, exactly what are adjustable shelf clips, read below and learn more…

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How To Remove Shelf Clips

Removing shelf clips can seem hard and sometimes confusing, but it is simpler than you would think. Although shelf clips look complicated, most of the time they are super easy to remove and it will only take you a few seconds! Steps To Removing Your Shelf Clip Step 1: Make sure your shelving is cleared…

What Is A Shelf Clip?

What Is A Shelf Clip?

Shelf Clips add Warehouse Safety Understanding what type of shelf clips or shelving brackets are best suited for your type of shelving system is essential to keeping your warehouse safe. At Shelf-Clips.com, we take great pride in providing you with comprehensive buyer’s guides, tips, tricks, and techniques to help ensure your warehouse safety is top-notch…

Edsal U Clip - Edsal Shelving Clips

Edsal Shelving Clips and Their Applications

If you are looking for replacement Edsal shelving clips, you have come to the right place.  Here at shelf-clips.com, we carry several different Edsal shelving clips to meet the needs of this wide-ranging family of products. As one of our more popular clip brands, we often receive questions on the correct clip for the proper application….

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Quick Fix Shelf Clips

Fast Solutions For Immediate Needs Job sites are hectic. Workers can overlook small details in the organization and coordination process. While pallet racking and shelving clips are not large, warehouse professionals can not ignore their importance. That’s where we come in. We have experienced and helped with this ‘small’ detail numerous times. Clips are notorious…

Tennsco Shelving Shelf Clip Q Line

Q Line Shelf Clip

Hello, and welcome to Shelf-clips.com. For those who don’t know me, I am the Clip King. I have a doctorate in Shelf Clips, specializing in both Pallet Rack & Industrial Shelving. As you can see by our wide product offering, I have put in countless hours studying shelving shelf clips and the safety clips for…

Quantum Storage Shelving Clip Split Sleeve

Quantum Split Sleeve Shelf Clip

Modular wire shelving systems are often found in warehouses, restaurants and even in the basements of residential homes. These shelving systems are unique because of their chrome finish and ability to be mobile and move around. Quantum storage systems is one of the largest suppliers of these industrial wire shelving systems in the United States….

Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip 8000

Lyon 8000 Series Shelving Shelf Clip

If you were to poll warehouse managers and employees across the nation about storage shelving systems one of the most common systems that material handling professionals would mention is the Lyon Brand. Lyon was founded in 1901 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of industrial storage solutions including: industrial shelving, storage lockers, and…

Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip Two Piece

Lyon Industrial Shelving Shelf Clips

Maxmizing Savings and Utilizing Your Resources.  Businesses are continuing to expand and grow into new industrial space once again, despite budgets remaining tight. This means most project managers are put under tight restrictions, including time, money and resources when planning for these moves. These tight restrictions lead them to maximize their resources and cut costs…


Hallowell Industrial Shelving Clip

Hallowell is a US manufacturing company that has been providing material handling solutions for over 100 years dating back to 1903. Currently known as Hallowell-list they provide workbenches. steel shelving, steel storage cabinets, bulk storage lockers and many more storage solutions. With their state of the art facility located in Deerfield Beach Florida Hallowell is…

Edsal Replacement Shelving Clips

If you were to take a tour of warehouse facilities across the United States the odds are that you would see a multitude of different shelving systems. With many different manufacturers of shelving located within its borders, its a very competitive industry and becoming a common name or logo in warehouses across the nation is…

Penco Shelving Shelf Clip Clipper

Penco Shelving Assembly Clip

It is extremely rare to find a manufacturer in the United States that has been around for 145 years, especially in the material handling industry. Penco Products formally Penn Metal Corporation of Pennsylvania is one of those extreme rarities. Based in Greenville, NC, Penco Products maintains quite the product portfolio offering: Lockers, Shelving, Pallet Rack…

Frick Gallagher Bilt Shelving Shelf Clip

Frick Gallagher Lickety-Klip Shelf Clip

In 2004 after 70+ years of manufacturing shelving, pallet rack and other material handling products, manufacturer Frick Gallagher ceased operations. Their product lines were purchased by several companies. Their main product line of Frick Gallagher shelving was purchased by BILT. “What you appreciated as Frick-Gallagher® is now BILT. BILT with powder coating,” as their website…

Borroughs Shelf Clip

Borroughs Steel Shelving Replacement Clips

Borroughs Manufacturing Company, located in Kalamazoo, MI, provides storage solutions for industrial warehouses and distribution centers across the United States. Specializing in multi-level storage systems, mezzanines, and other storage products for over 50 years, Burroughs has become a common name amongst industrial executives and warehouse associates alike in the material handling industry. By providing a…