Shelf Clips FAQ

Can I just order a couple of clips?

All of our shelf clips come in box quantities. Please check the product page of the clip you are looking for, as the quantity will be listed at the top of the page.

Can I track my clip order once it is shipped?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know when it shipped. Attached to this email will be a PDF with all the information to track your order. We ship via UPS Ground, UPS Next Day or UPS 2nd Day. Orders typically ship within 48 hours or two business days.

Do you have an Amazon store?

Yes, we do! Nearly all the clips we have listed on our website are available through our Amazon store. Just click the Available at Amazon icon on the product page to purchase through Amazon.

I see you have discontinued clips on your website. Do these ever become available again?

No, they do not. We leave these clips on the site to help you identify what type of clip you might have. If you are looking to sell discontinued clips, we buy those as well! Please contact us directly via email or toll-free at (855) 289-2547 for more information.

Are there any clips not listed on the website that you have in stock?

Most of the time, yes. Please contact us directly via email or toll-free at (855) 289-2547 with the model and quantity needed. Pictures also help!

Do you buy old or used clips?

Yes. Please contact us directly via email or toll-free at (855) 289-2547 with the model and quantity you are selling for the most efficient process. Pictures also help!

Do you ship internationally?

Shelf-Clips is pleased to provide International Shipping to Canada. International shipping charges are based on the product weights, box dimensions, and shipping locations via UPS. Canadian shipping fees do not include duties, taxes, or brokerage charges. These charges are the responsibility of the consignee.

International returns will be accepted with a 25% restocking fee based on consignee handling, prepaid shipping, duties, taxes, and brokerage charges.

Do you have wholesale or approved reseller pricing?

Yes. Please contact us directly via email or (855) 289-2547 for more information to go through the approval process.

Do you offer discounts on large quantity orders?

The pricing that we have listed is what is offered. However, if your quantity needed exceeds 10,000 pieces, please contact us directly via email or toll-free at (855) 289-2547.

Where can I find your clip dimensions?

All clip dimensions are listed on each individual clips product page. You can find these dimensions, along with shipping, model, and brand information under the Additional Information tab on each product page.

Where’s your physical store?

We don’t have one! We operate 100% online, but our clips are warehoused throughout the country to get you your clips as fast as possible. Our main warehouses are in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Can I use my own FedEx or UPS account to ship my order?

Yes! We will need your account number and billing zip code to complete the process of using your own accounts.

Where can I find the shipping dimensions and weight of my order?

Please see the ‘Additional Information’ area on individual product pages to get that information.