Hallowell Industrial Shelving Clip

Hallowell is a US manufacturing company that has been providing material handling solutions for over 100 years dating back to 1903. Currently known as Hallowell-list they provide workbenches. steel shelving, steel storage cabinets, bulk storage lockers and many more storage solutions. With their state of the art facility located in Deerfield Beach Florida Hallowell is capable of handling the most intense material handling projects. Also with distribution facilities located in Pennsylvania California and Texas their nationwide coverage second to none.

Hallowell high-tech standard metal shelving is one of their most common products found in warehouses today. Hallowell’s version of industrial grade shelving “high-tech” has many different options including open and close units with both starter and add-on configurations. Although high tech has multiple options to work with, Hallowell industrial shelving clips remain consistent. The Hallowell shelving shelf clip is a one piece compression clip made out of 13 gauge cold rolled steel. These clips are zinc plated and have the Hallowell brand imprinted on them.

Hallowell Industrial Shelving Clip


The Hallowell high-tech industrial shelving shelf clip is easy to install fitting snugly against the side of the post to hold the shelves in place. Each shelving unit consists of four upright posts that the compression clips fit into. Four compression clips are needed per shelf to safely secure the shelf in place.

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