Edsal Replacement Shelving Clips

If you were to take a tour of warehouse facilities across the United States the odds are that you would see a multitude of different shelving systems. With many different manufacturers of shelving located within its borders, its a very competitive industry and becoming a common name or logo in warehouses across the nation is a major accomplishment in which only few manufacturers have succeeded at. One manufacturer that has conquered that feat comes from the simple all lower case logo of “edsal” manufacturing. With seven facilities totaling over 1.4 million square feet Edsal Manufacturing has the capacity to meet the needs any customer requirements no matter how large they are.

Our Edsal Shelf Clips

Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip N Clip
Edsal Shelving Shelf N Clip

The Edsal N Shelving Shelf Clip is utilized in the Edsal exclusive multi-ribbed HEVILOAD PLUS II shelving system. The HEVILOAD PLUS II has four standard designs all utilizing the same N Shelf Clip: Medium Duty Open Shelving, Medium Duty Closed Shelving, Heavy Duty Open Shelving, and the Heavy Duty Closed Shelving. The Edsal N Clip was engineered with the standard compression design utilizing four clips per shelf.

Edsal N Clip Installation

The Edsal N Clip is easily installed by placing the clip into the post of the shelving system at the desired height. The clip has two protruding prongs that fit into the square holes of the upright post.

Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip HD Clip
Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip HD Clip

The Edsal HD Shelf Clip is utilized in the standard Edsal FeatureLine Commercial Open and Enclosed Shelving Systems. These systems are commonly found in store shops, basement garages, storerooms and wherever easy storage is needed. The HD Shelf Clip design is consistent with the shelving system in itself by being very simply and light weight in design.

Edsal HD Shelf Clip Installation

The Edsal FeatureLine Commercial Open and Enclosed Shelving Systems are easy to install as the HD clips easily hook onto the upright posts and the shelves rest upon them stabilizing the rack system. Cross bracing is used in conjunction with the clips to maintain the stability of the entire unit.

Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip U Clip
Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip U Clip

The Edsal UC Shelf Clip is categorized under the Industrial Shelving division of the Edsal Manufacturing catalog because it belongs to the Ultra Cap Shelving family. Edsal’s Ultra Cap industrial grade steel shelving combines a high capacity welded box shelf in starter and add-on units to provide strength and flexibility to meet your current and future storage requirements. The Ultra Cap product line has three standard options: Welded Box Shelving – Free Standing, Welded Box Shelving – Open, Welded Box Shelving – Closed. All three systems use the UC Clip to hold individual shelves within the rack system.

Edsal UC Clip Installation

The Edsal UC Clip shelf clip easily installs into the Edsal Ultra Cap industrial shelving system. Like many of the other Edsal Manufacturing shelf clips, The UC Clip is a compression style clip that has two prongs that engage into the Upright post and then the shelf itself rests upon it. Four clips are used to secure one level of shelving.

The Edsal 7000 Series Quick Assemble Storage Cabinets are commonly found in storage facilities across the Untied States. Found in most large online industrial stores, these cabinets provide an industrial solution for all of your standard storage needs. The Edsal 7000 Shelving Shelf Clip is used to support the shelves with in the cabinet system.

Edsal Shelving Shelf Clip 7000

Edsal 7000 Series Clip Installation

First, select a level for the shelf by selecting a set of square notches located inside the unit on the back left and back right sides. A series of round holes are located on the inside of the left and right hand side panels near the hinges. Using a shelf clip, insert the upper notch into a round hole opposite the selected square holes where the shelf is to be located. Push and “snap” the lower notch of the clip into place using the next lowest round hole. Repeat the shelf clip installation on the opposite corresponding side. To insert a shelf, angle the shelf so that the square notches on the back and lower part of the shelf will engage onto the front shelf clips. Repeat the process for all remaining shelves.

The final clip in our Edsal Manufacturing product category comes from the Industrial Wire Shelving systems. Our WS Clip is used within the Edsal Industrial Wire Shelving systems. Shaped like the letter “S,” this industrial shelf clip is very easy to identify, as well as replace.


In summary, for many years now, Edsal Manufacturing has passed the test in the material handling industry. They offer shelving systems that are high quality, dependable and versatile. Shelf-clips.com chooses to distribute Edsal replacement shelving clips for all of the Edsal shelving systems because we believe in their products, and understand that their customers need clips that can be purchased at an affordable price and shipped in a timely and professional manner.

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