Lyon 8000 Series Shelving Shelf Clip

If you were to poll warehouse managers and employees across the nation about storage shelving systems one of the most common systems that material handling professionals would mention is the Lyon Brand. Lyon was founded in 1901 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of industrial storage solutions including: industrial shelving, storage lockers, and cabinets.

Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip 8000
Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip 8000

Centrally located in Aurora, Illinois Lyon has strategically placed itself to supply the entire nation with quality industrial storage products. Also as a GSA Contract holder Lyon has earned a name for themselves amongst some of the most well known companies in the United States. They have done this with their superior quality and long lasting continual development of innovative high-quality products that can serve the needs and provide the best possible solutions for their customers.

One of the most common Lyon shelving systems found in warehouses today is the Lyon 8000 series. Options include standard industrial shelving units, galvanize shelving units and custom built storage units. Similar to other shelving units in the industry the line 8000 series consists of upright posts connected with steel cross bracing, steel shelves and the Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip 8000. The Lyon 8000 industrial shelving system is constructed in 18, 20 or 22 gauge box shelves which makes for superior product in the material handling industry. is a stocking distributor of the Lyon 8000 replacement Shelf clips.

The Lyon 8000 shelf clip easily installs into the intermediate upright posts during installation. In the installation process the clips are entered into the system after both upright frames have been connected with the cross bracing.  Four clips are needed to securely stabilize each shelf in the rack system. The 8000 series shelf clip standard throughout all of the 8000 shelving systems including open and closed designs. These clips are sold in boxes of 50.

The unique design of the Lyon 800 Series shelf clip allows for easy identification. It maintains the standard compression clip design that connects into the T post or to the angle posts.

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