Edsal Shelving Clips and Their Applications

If you are looking for replacement Edsal shelving clips, you have come to the right place. 

Here at shelf-clips.com, we carry several different Edsal shelving clips to meet the needs of this wide-ranging family of products. As one of our more popular clip brands, we often receive questions on the correct clip for the proper application. In this post, we hope to guide you in the right direction to make your clip-buying experience as seamless as possible.

About Edsal

Edsal has been a part of the industrial storage and furniture business for over 50 years. Their wide range of products features open-welded shelving units, double-door cabinets, and commercial shelving. Additionally, Edsal produces tire racks, lockers, filing systems, and pallet rack. For your purposes, we will drill down the compatible products with our clips.

Edsal N Clip

Edsal N Clip - Edsal Shelving Clips

The Edsal N clip functions with Edsal’s line of HEVILOAD shelving. There are several variations under this product line, including:

Medium Duty Shelving – Open and Closed Style

Edsal offers around 20 different sizes and styles in this line. All units are 85 inches tall and 36 or 48 inches wide. Capacities range from 350 to 600 pounds, and the main difference between the two is that the closed style has side and back panels.

Heavy Duty – Open and Closed Style

The Heavy Duty offerings are similar to the Medium Duty, with the only difference being the capacities. Load limits range from 525 to 1,100 lbs. for increased load capacity. Two distinguishing features from the Medium Duty style are in the shelves, as they are roll-formed and 20-gauge, compared to 22-gauge on the Medium Duty. 

Edsal 7000 Clip

Edsal Shelving Clips - Edsal 7000 Clip

The Edsal 7000 clip supports Edsal’s commercial cabinet line of products. The line includes models 3000, 4000, 6600, and 7000. The distinguishing feature of these cabinets is that they are stand-alone units with a double-door front. 

Storage Model 3000

These cabinets are 36 inches wide by 78 inches tall, with depths of 18 or 24 inches. Several offerings are pre-assembled, but construction is quick and easy. Several models do not have shelves, while the rest feature four interior levels.

Storage Model 4000 (Heavy Duty Storage Jumbo)

Similar to the 3000 line, the 4000 offers 13 more cubic feet of storage. All widths in this line are 48 inches compared to 36 of the lighter duty offering. Again, assembled and pre-assembled options are available.

Storage Model 6600 (Double Door Storage)

The 6600 model is simple in that it offers one model. Measuring at 30 x 15 x 66 inches, it is ideal for lighter-duty, in-office storage. 

Storage Model 7000 (Double Door Storage)

Unlike the 6600, the 7000 model offers varying depths. Standard size for the various color offerings is 36 inches wide by 72 inches tall. Depth options are 18 and 24 inches. 

Edsal Wire Shelf Clip

Edsal Shelving Clips - Edsal S Clip

Our wire shelf clip goes with, you guessed it, Edsal’s discontinued lightweight wire shelving. This particular clip features one of the more unique designs in our catalog, as it has a distinct’ S’ shape. This system’s shelves have an open-wire look, are typically used for lightweight storage, and can be moved between storage locations easily. 

Edsal no longer manufactures this product, so if you need clips for an old set of wire shelves, shelf-clips.com is the place to find them. 

Edsal U Clip

Edsal Shelving Clips - Edsal U Clip

The Edsal U Clip, also known as the UC clip, is compatible with the UltraCap welded shelving options. There are three styles in this line – open, close and free-standing. Capacities, steel gauges, and sizes are similar throughout this line, with significant differences in aesthetics. Like other closed styles, this version features back and side panels, while the open and free-standing editions do not. The free-standing line moves easily without disassembly. 

Edsal HD Clip

Edsal Shelving Clips - Edsal HD Clip

Finally, we have the Edsal HD clip. The HD Clip supports Edsal’s Feature Line units. These particular storage shelving pieces fit perfectly in basements, garages, and storerooms. With depths as shallow as 12 inches, the fit is ideal for the aforementioned tight quarters. Again, like their other product lines, these feature open and closed options.

If you have any questions regarding your Edsal shelving clip needs, please contact us at (855) 289-2547, and let us help you make your warehouse safety simple. 

Edsal Shelving Clips Product Compatibility

Edsal N Clip
HEVILOAD Shelving Line (Industrial Shelving)
*Medium-Duty Shelving – Open
*Medium-Duty Shelving – Closed
*Heavy-Duty Shelving – Open
*Heavy-Duty Shelving – Closed

Edsal 7000 Clip (Double-Door Cabinets)
*Storage Model 3000
*Storage Model 4000
*Storage Model 6600
*Storage Model 7000

Edsal Wire Shelf Clip
*Lightweight Wire Shelving (Discontinued)

Edsal U Clip (UltraCap Welded Shelving)
*Welded Box Shelving – Open
*Welded Box Shelving – Closed
*Welded Box Shelving – Free Standing

Edsal HD (Feature Line Commercial Shelving)
*Closed Type
*Open Type

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