Steel King Safety Clips and Their Applications

The History of Steel King Industries

Steel KingSteel King safety clips are an essential safety component for Steel King pallet rack systems. Steel King Industries has manufactured a long line of material handling products and systems since its founding in 1970. The company headquarters is in Stevens Point, WI, with additional manufacturing facilities in New London, WI, and Rome, GA.

In 1970, the company manufactured portable racks, bolted tubular pallet racking, and other custom fabrications. For Steel King’s first ten years in business, the company consistently expanded its steel product offerings to include collapsible containers, log cleavers, wood-burning stoves and boilers, and more. 

In 1983, Steel King introduced the boltless teardrop-style pallet racking, which paved the way for the company’s future products and successes – they continue to make and sell their boltless teardrop pallet racking today!

Steel King Storage Systems

Today, Steel King offers various pallet rack styles, safety products, and material handling systems. The company began its venture into pallet racking with its boltless teardrop-style pallet rack design in 1983. 

Since then, Steel King’s product offerings have expanded to include various rack styles, including pushback racks, gravity flow racks, pick modules, drive-in racks, cantilever racks, specialty racks, portable racks, work platforms, safety accessories, and more.

Steel King Teardrop Safety Clip

Steel King Teardrop Pallet rack beam clipThe Steel King Teardrop Safety Clip is an easy-to-use zinc-plated pallet rack clip for securing Steel King’s SK2000 teardrop pallet racking. This clip is also compatible with any of Steel King’s teardrop designs and many other teardrop pallet rack brands. 

The clip is now added directly to beams during manufacturing and painted with the beam rather than being added after configuration. If you need replacement clips, purchase our zinc-plated clips online! Other brands that use this clip style include Bulldog Rack Company and SpaceRAK.

Old Style Roll-Formed Replacement Clip

Steel King old-style roll-formed clips Steel King’s old-style roll-formed replacement clip was originally manufactured in 1992. This clip has since been replaced and is no longer manufactured today. This original Steel King safety clip was used to secure the manufacturer’s roll-formed pallet rack design.

Secure Your Steel King Racking!

Shop Steel King teardrop safety clips online at! We make it easy to secure your racking quickly and affordably. For help choosing the correct clips for your application, call 855-289-2547, and one of our shelf clips specialists will happily assist you!

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