SpaceRAK Safety Clips and Their Applications

About SpaceRAK

SpaceRakSpaceRAK was a pallet rack manufacturer purchased by Heartland Steel Products in 2010. Before integrating with Heartland Steel Products and since 1960, SpaceRAK manufactured a hefty line of selective and engineered pallet rack styles that Heartland still offers today. 

Their most common pallet rack style is their teardrop-style selective pallet racking. This roll-formed steel selective rack is solid and versatile with an open-column design. The teardrop punch holes allow for 2” vertical beam adjustability up and down the columns. 

SpaceRAK also manufactured engineered pallet rack systems such as push-back pallet racking, drive-in pallet racking, cantilever racking, and a line of safety products, including safety clips to secure their racking.

SpaceRAK safety clips are required to secure SpaceRAK’s selective roll-formed teardrop pallet racking. There are two main styles of SpaceRAK safety clips – SpaceRAK Old Style Safety Clips and SpaceRAK New Stye Safety Clips.

At, we offer the old and new styles of SpaceRAK safety clips to help secure our customers’ SpaceRAK teardrop pallet rack systems. If you are looking for SpaceRAK safety clips or don’t know what style of safety clips you need, visit our clip identifier or call 855-289-2547 to speak with a safety clip specialist today!

SpaceRAK Old Style Safety Clips

SpaceRak old style pallet rack clipThe SpaceRAK Old Style Safety Clip was the brand’s original pallet rack clip design until the introduction of the new style clip to secure SpaceRAK’s teardrop pallet racking. The teardrop design is one of SpaceRAK’s most popular rack styles used in warehouses worldwide to this day. 

Safety clips are commonly lost or damaged in warehouses utilizing pallet racking and forklifts. Regular safety inspections should identify missing clips, allowing warehouse managers to find and replace the missing components. 

We keep the SpaceRAK old-style safety clips in stock, making it easy to shop for this safety clip style online and secure your pallet racking.

SpaceRAK New Style Safety Clips

SpaceRak new style pallet rack clipThe SpaceRAK New Style Safety Clip replaced the old style as the new standard and is now sold with SpaceRAK’s beams. This new style safety clip strongly resembles other popular brands of teardrop pallet rack clips, including the Bulldog Teardrop Safety Clip and the Steel King Teardrop Safety Clip

This famous clip is easy to install and locks securely in place and flush against the beam connector, which minimizes damage and loss. Watch our quick video on how to install the SpaceRAK new style safety clips.

Replace Your SpaceRAK Safety Clips Today!

Shop our SpaceRAK safety clips online to secure your pallet racking quickly. We make replacing lost or damaged clips easy and want to help you improve your warehouse safety. Call 855-289-2547 to speak with a safety clip specialist today!

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