Expanding Applications: Drop Pin Proven Compatible with Rivet Shelving

In the world of industrial shelving, safety is paramount. The search for effective safety solutions that work seamlessly across different shelving systems has been challenging, and we rarely find a one-size-fits-all solution for beam disengagement. 

However, we are thrilled to announce a recent discovery that expands the versatility of the PRC026 Safety Drop Pin and other pins with a ¼” diameter. Previously thought to be exclusively compatible with pallet racking, this drop pin has now been found to work with Tennsco boltless rivet shelving as well! 

This breakthrough unlocks new potential for the ¼” drop pin, providing new opportunities for shelving users. Keep reading for more details on this exciting development and learn how to acquire drop pins for your rivet shelving needs.

About The PRC026 Drop Pin

PRC026 safety drop pin The PRC026 pin is a safety drop pin similar in style to the highly-popular Universal Drop Pin 1.0. The slight size difference between the two makes the ¼” pin compatible with Tennsco rivet shelving punch holes but not the ⅜” Universal Drop Pin. 

The PRC026 drop pin has long been recognized as a reliable and efficient solution for securing pallet racking and improving overall safety. However, our recent test revealed that the benefits of this pin extend beyond pallet racking to include Tennsco rivet shelving.

Tennsco shelving is known for its versatility and strength. The steel shelving offers a flexible storage solution for many standard applications. Compatibility with the PRC026 pin simplifies securing this popular shelving line significantly.

Feel Confident In Your Tennsco Rivet Shelving

By investing in PRC026 drop pins, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety: Prevent accidental dislodgment of shelves and reduce potential accidents or injuries in your workspace.
  • Versatility: Seamlessly secure your Tennsco boltless rivet shelving, opening up new possibilities for shelving applications.
  • Peace of mind: Rest assured, knowing that your shelving system is reinforced with a robust and trusted safety clip.

Ensuring Compatibility: A Disclaimer

While this new compatibility is an exciting development, not all rivet shelving brands support drop pins. A critical factor in storage success is ensuring proper fits for all components in your system. 

Users need to verify the compatibility of their specific rivet shelving system with the PRC026 drop pin before considering its implementation. Contact the shelving manufacturer or refer to your shelving documentation to attain punch-hole dimensions and ensure a proper fit.

Secure Your Tennsco Rivet Shelving Today!

The discovery that ¼” drop pins are compatible with Tennsco rivet shelving marks an important milestone in industrial shelving safety.

With the expanded compatibility of the PRC026 drop pin, we are delighted to offer this powerful safety solution to Tennsco shelving users. Shop online for the drop pin, or call 855-289-2547 to place an order today!


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