What Is A Shelf Clip?

Shelf Clips add Warehouse Safety

Understanding what type of shelf clips or shelving brackets are best suited for your type of shelving system is essential to keeping your warehouse safe. At Shelf-Clips.com, we take great pride in providing you with comprehensive buyer’s guides, tips, tricks, and techniques to help ensure your warehouse safety is top-notch at all times.

Shelving brackets have many different names that they go by, but for the most part, whatever name you refer to them as, you’re still getting a sturdy product that helps hold up your shelving. Today, we wanted to take some time to dive deeper into what is a shelf clip, the different types of clips, and why they’re important to your warehouse shelving system.

Storage in your warehouse or business is critical to your ability to keep goods and products within reach while also ensuring that your facility has enough to keep running smoothly. In addition, keeping your employees safe is essential when it comes to your shelving systems and day-to-day operations.

Having all of that shelving and extra storage space in your warehouse provides an incredible amount of safety risks that come with them. And ones that you have to ensure you’re taking every precaution to prevent. This is where shelf clips come in.

What are shelf clips?

Shelf clips help keep your horizontal shelf supports secured to your vertical, upright posts to avoid collapse. They are designed to add an extra layer of rigidity during times when your shelf may experience accidental movement from things like forklift collision or, depending on where your facility is located, natural events like earthquakes. Or simply by your employees walking through and bumping into one of them.

The last thing you want is to have your shelf bumped hard and have one of the horizontal supports collapse. Shelf clips provide you with extra strength to keep your products secure and your entire staff safe when they’re working around the units. Shelf clips and pallet rack clips are similar but work with different types of applications — pallet rack clips are for pallet racking instead of shelving. 

Depending on the type of shelving system you have in your facility, Shelf-Clips.com has a wide selection of shelf clips specifically built to fit your system.


What about other types of shelf clips? 

There are a couple of other types of shelf clips that you can utilize in your warehouse to keep your shelving safe and secure. Let’s take a look at a few more and some of their benefits.

Shelving Fasteners

Shelving fasteners are another type of shelf system support that provides you an added layer of security for your shelves.

Triboro Shelving Clip 1

All of these shelf clips provide you with that extra added layer of protection from accidents and falls in your warehouse. Many warehouse facilities forget to ensure that every shelf has the right amount of support needed for the weight of the products that are being stored on them.

Finding the right shelf clip for your warehouse.

When it is time to replace the shelf supports you currently have in your warehouse, you may find yourself looking at whatever type of support or clip you have and wondering where you can even get one to replace it. Unfortunately, every shelving manufacturer uses a different kind of shelf support system. If you don’t have the user’s manual or can’t identify the manufacturer, you’re going to spend countless hours searching for the type of bracket you need.

At Shelf-Clips.com, we’ve made finding the right shelf clip for your warehouse easier than ever before. You no longer have to give up hope of restoring or installing your shelves properly because you can’t figure out what type of clip you need. We are the only website that offers you the essential information you need about dozens of kinds of shelving and shelf clips and supports to simplify your search. Check our comprehensive and easy-to-navigate online database of every clip’s product page with information about the type of shelving system it’s compatible with. We even made a revolutionary shelf clip identifier that provides high-quality images of every kind of clip so that you can instantly identify the clip you’re holding.

Once you’ve figured out which type of shelf support your warehouse needs, you can simply order it through our website, and we’ll ship it to you within 24-48 hours! Your warehouse safety is paramount to running your operations smoothly. Shelf supports for your shelving help provide that extra layer of support and strength your warehouse deserves.

Find the right shelf clip for your system at Shelf-Clips.com today or call 855-289-2547

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