Speedrack Safety Clips and Their Applications

Speedrack safety clips are essential in maintaining a secure and efficient storage environment where Speedrack pallet racking is present. Within the dynamic realm of warehousing, pallet racking systems are the backbone of productivity and organization. However, even the most robust racking systems can pose potential risks without the proper safety clips. Speedrack clips are designed to provide an additional layer of security and are the unsung heroes that keep your Speedrack pallet racking systems secure and your operations running smoothly.

At Shelf-clips.com, we offer a variety of Speedrack pallet rack clips. Our inventory includes the J-bolt, old styles 4” and 6”, teardrop, and keystone clips. These clips are all unique but perform similar tasks of securing Speedrack racking styles. This blog will analyze the differences between these clips and their functions.

About Speedrack

SpeedrackWith origins dating back to 1954, Speedrack has established a name for itself by consistently offering high-quality storage solutions. This company has continually paved the way for innovation, transforming how commodities are stored and maximizing space use in warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. Speedrack has established enduring connections with companies of all sizes by attending to their particular storage needs and offering customized solutions. With its resilient, dependable, and adaptable pallet racking systems, Speedrack has made an enduring impression on the storage and logistics industries.

Speedrack tubular racking Speedrack’s tubular pallet racking design is a game-changer in storage solutions. Speedrack’s tubular design offers greater structural integrity and stability when compared with traditional racking systems, which frequently rely on bolted connections. The tubular structure’s remarkable load-bearing capacity and impact resistance reduce the chance of damage and collapse. It is made of sturdy and durable steel tubing. The tubular pallet racking system’s rapid and straightforward assembly allows quicker installation and reconfiguration to meet changing storage needs. The closed design also provides for a significant increase in the unit’s load capacity and stability. Speedrack’s tubular pallet racking design marks a significant advancement in increasing space efficiency and assuring the safety of workers by combining strength, flexibility, and ease of use.

Speedrack J-Bolt Safety Clip

Speedrack Old Style J BoltWorking with the Speedrack Horseshoe Pallet Rack Clip, the J Bolt drops into the aligning holes in the frame and beam connection. This combination of clips prevents accidental disengagement of the load beams from the frame columns, providing enhanced safety and stability.

The J Bolt is designed with wings, adding an extra layer of security by making it more difficult for the drop pin to be jostled. This engineered feature significantly reduces the chances of load beam displacement, further increasing the overall safety of the pallet rack system.

Speedrack Old Style Safety Clips

Speedrack Old Style pallet rack clip 4"Speedrack Old Style pallet rack clip 6"The Speedrack old style safety clip comes in two different sizes depending on the type of racking. We carry the old-style 4” safety clip and the old-style 6” safety clip. This cross-beam clip belongs to a Speedrack Products Group selective pallet rack system. The Speedrack original pallet rack design uses a horseshoe clip and a drop pin to connect securely between the pallet rack upright frame and cross beam. The Horseshoe clip inserts from the backside of the frame column, extending two pins out of the front of the upright upon which the pallet rack beams rest. The Speedrack Pallet Rack Clip J Bolt is installed after the horseshoe clip securely connects the cross beam to the upright frame to complete the installation process. With these specially designed clips in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Speedrack pallet rack system is securely assembled and ready to handle your storage needs efficiently.

Speedrack Teardrop Safety Clip

Speedrack Teardrop Pallet Rack ClipThe Speedrack teardrop safety clip is compatible with teardrop selective pallet-racking, the world’s most popular pallet rack style! The beam clip hooks on the top of the beam ear and then engages the beam and the frame through a small hole in the shaft. These clips can easily be identified because of the Speedrack logo on the front of the clip.

Speedrack Keystone Safety Clip

Speedrack keystone clipThe Speedrack keystone safety clip is designed for Speedrack’s selective line of keystone pallet racking. The racking is designed for easy installation and offers interchangeability with existing installations utilizing the Keystone design connector. The clip also features an easy slide-on installation design that saves time and allows businesses to install a large number of clips in a short period.

Speedrack has been a bold leader in the material handling industry for over 50 years. Their safety clips are indispensable additions to any warehouse or storage facility. By securely fastening shelves and racks, speed rack safety clips provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on productivity and efficiency. The significance of these small yet powerful devices is to equip your facility with the confidence and trust that the systems in place operate how they are supposed to and that there will be guardrails to protect the staff and investments in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Here at Shelf-Clips.com, we can help you find the right pallet rack clips for your facility and ensure that your staff are safe and secure no matter what happens. Call us at 855-289-2547 to find out how we can help, visit our clip identifier to learn more about the clips you need, or place an online quote today!

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