Universal Drop Pin 1.0 Zinc Box of 50 PRC001 – Safety Clip

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Box of 50 Pallet Rack Drop Pins

  • Fits all pallet racking with 3/8″ aligning slots
  • Meets RMI/ANSI requirement of withstanding 1000#+ of upward force
  • Easy to use
  • Increases warehouse safety
  • Keep beams from dislodging
  • Orders ship in under 48 hour
  • Actual diameter for the drop pin is 0.29″, while the diameter for the 2.0 is 3/8″
  • Safety J Drop Pin is Zinc Plated
  • Additional Safety and Spec (ANSI/RMI) Information



Universal Pallet Rack Safety Drop Pin

The Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin is our most popular and versatile product. Measuring 3/8″ in diameter, the safety drop pin will fit in any 1/2″ aligning holes. So for pallet racking with 1/2″ punch holes, the Universal Drop Pin is almost always our go-to product.

Meet Warehouse Safety Requirements

ANSI/RMI 16.1 Section 5.4.2 states that “…a locking device that prevents disengagement of the shelf beam when subjected to a 1000 lbs vertical uplift force. The locking devices must be properly installed and remain engaged.”

How to Install the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin

J Pins for Pallet Rack

The Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin provides an easy, cost-effective way to help prevent pallet rack accidents in the warehouse. Without safety clips, lift truck operators can accidentally dislodge beams from the racking. This can cause costly damage to the product and threaten the safety of personnel. Unfortunately, we commonly hear from businesses that installed safety drop pins only after an accident had occurred. Be proactive and outfit your warehouse with universal drop pins before an incident takes place.

Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin - pallet racking safety clip
Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin Installation

There’s nothing more frustrating than searching the internet for hours without finding the product you need. Finding the right pallet rack clips is no exception. The Universal Drop Pin provides our customers with a simple solution to increase the safety of their pallet rack system. With the universal drop pin, there’s no need to guess which manufacturer the clip is made for. Instead, confirm the width of your punch holes and take a step toward a safer warehouse.

Will Pallet Rack Safety Pins Work for My Racking?

Our Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin is easy to install and can provide warehouse managers with a simple solution to increase safety in their rack system. Used rack systems often have missing or damaged safety clips, which put warehouse managers and distribution facilities at risk because pallet rack beam clips are an essential safety component of a rack system. When these clips are missing, rack systems are more susceptible to failure. Compatibility is the number one question we get when asked about our drop pins. Our drop pins fit 3/8″ wide aligning holes. So, if you can find two 3/8” aligning holes in your cross beam and upright frames, these pallet rack drop pins will most likely be compatible with your pallet rack.


Additional information

Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in
Box Shipping Dimensions

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10 reviews for Universal Drop Pin 1.0 Zinc Box of 50 PRC001 – Safety Clip

  1. Karen

    The Shelf-Clips team was very kind and helpful. I received my order earlier than expected.

  2. Thomas Jones (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Secures the rack horizontal

  3. Thomas Jones (verified owner)

    Able to quickly relocate rack horizontals

  4. Renee Jordan (verified owner)

    Perfect for when you have a mix of different manufacturers for a standard application for securing horizontal beams. I have three different manufacturers in one warehouse and they worked perfectly to solve a safety concern. Ordered on line and the email communication was excellent from confirmation of order through shipment and invoicing. Will be buying more!

    • The Clip King (verified owner)

      Thanks, Renee! Glad to be able to help!

  5. Thomas Jones (verified owner)


  6. Thomas Jones (verified owner)

    Great product

  7. Deryl Miller (verified owner)

    These are a great alternative to the clips that are always breaking or bending to the point of not keeping your horizontal bars in place. Quick drop in and my safety issue was controlled permanently.

    • The Clip King (verified owner)

      Thank you Deryl, that’s wonderful to hear! The Universal Drop Pin is often a good alternative.

  8. Robert Miller (verified owner)

    The Drop Pin is an easy way to add another level of safety for preventing a cross member from falling out when impacted.

    • The Clip King (verified owner)

      Thank you Robert, we couldn’t agree more. The Universal Drop Pin is affordable and easy to install, a definite value add!

  9. BL (verified owner)

    These are perfect for when you have a mix of rack from different manufacturers. They work perfectly for us. We have bought these multiple times as we have been expanding.
    Ordering on line was easy and the email communication was excellent from confirmation of order through shipment and invoicing.

    • The Clip King (verified owner)

      Thank you Bryan, we’re so glad you found what you were looking for! With our wide inventory, our hope is that every customer finds the right clip for their needs.

  10. Nick Higgins (verified owner)

    Quick response time, fast delivery! These drop pins are exactly what I needed for my pallet racks.

    • Becca Lemmon

      Thanks Nick! So glad our drop pins could help meet your storage needs.

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