Borroughs Steel Shelving Replacement Clips

Borroughs Shelving LogoBorroughs Manufacturing Company, located in Kalamazoo, MI, provides storage solutions for industrial warehouses and distribution centers across the United States. Specializing in multi-level storage systems, mezzanines, and other storage products for over 50 years, Burroughs has become a common name amongst industrial executives and warehouse associates alike in the material handling industry. By providing a superior product and one-of-a kind technical support, Burroughs continues to lead the industry.

At we have an excellent relationship with Borroughs Manufacturing Company and the products that they offer. offers 4 types of replacement clips under the Bourroughs manufacturing category.

Borroughs Steel Shelving Replacement Clips

The first Burroughs clip in our inventory is the 09531-099 Borroughs Shelving ClipsBorroughs Shelving Shelf Clip. As its name suggests, the Borroughs Shelving Shelf Clip is a replacement clip in the Burroughs Industrial Steel Shelving system. These systems are constructed with angle posts, x braces, clips and shelves. Our 09531-099 Clips connect into the Burroughs angle post and create a secure connection for the shelf to rest upon. These clips are easily identifiable because of the manufacturer’s name branded on the main curve of the clip. The 09531-099 Borroughs Shelving Shelf Clip has a unique, non-binding, saddle type design, which allows you to easily install and adjust shelf levels quickly without disturbing other shelves within the rack.

The next clip that we offer in our shelf clip inventory is the Borroughs Shelving Shelf Clip Lock.

Borroughs Shelving Shelf Clip LockThese clips are also used in the Burroughs Industrial Steel Shelving systems known as the Box Edge Plus series. These locking clips are used to prevent the shelf from becoming disengaged or lifting up when hit or bumped from boxes or movement on the shelves below. Not only do these clips provide added safety to your shelving system, but also allow you to transport your shelving systems around by securing and locking each shelf into place.

The last set of clips we offer in our Borroughs shelf clip inventory is the replacement clip for bin style storage systems in the Box Edge Plus series. We stock two sizes, including the 05707-835 (Borroughs Bin Front 1.5 Clip W/HDWR) and the 05708-836 (Borroughs Bin Front 3 and 6 W/HDWR).

All of our Burroughs Industrial shelving “shelf clips” are in stock and can ship within 24-48 hours. View our entire inventory of Industrial Shelving Shelf Clips Here.

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