Lyon Industrial Shelving Shelf Clips

Maxmizing Savings and Utilizing Your Resources. 

Businesses are continuing to expand and grow into new industrial space once again, despite budgets remaining tight. This means most project managers are put under tight restrictions, including time, money and resources when planning for these moves. These tight restrictions lead them to maximize their resources and cut costs wherever possible. In the following hypothetical scenario, you are able to see an example of utilizing all available resources to help maximize savings.

Project manager Damien and his warehouse manager George were on a limited budget of money and time, and needed to plan for an expansion at their part distribution facility. The first part of their planning process was to determine how much additional steel shelving they were going to need for the additional space. After carefully figuring out the correct amount of shelving needed, they needed to obtain some pricing. They first went to their long-time distributor, AK Material Handling Systems, to obtain some pricing. Then, George mentioned to Damien that he recently saw a Craigslist post with some cost-effective shelving they may be able to utilize. Excited to see what this ad had to offer, Damien immediately contacted the Craigslist poster, but found out that the shelving wasn’t quite what they were looking for. However, because he could save significantly, he determined that it was good enough for the project at hand. So, Damien purchased the entire lot of shelving.

The next day, Damien and George were doing a brief inventory of the shelving, and realized that the ad was not entirely correct —they were going to have to order a couple of additional components. However, this presented another problem: they had no idea what type of shelving system they had purchased. Being resourceful as usual, George went to the website to try and identify his shelving using the website’s Shelf-Clip Identifier. After looking at the detailed pictures featured on the website, they were able to conclude that they had a Lyon 4000 Series Shelving System on their hands.

Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip Two Piece
Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip Two Piece

AK Material Handling was able to add the additional shelving pieces to the order, with the products arriving within the week. The project wasn’t perfect, but the two were able to begin assembling the shelving system with the components they had on hand. After they began assembly, they realized they were also short on shelf clips—they needed approximately 125 Additional Lyon 4000 Series clips. Of course, this was no problem, as George was able to find replacement Lyon Shelving Shelf Clip Two Piece online at under their selection of Lyon Industrial Shelving Shelf Clips and had them overnighted to the job site.

Even under tight circumstances, Damien and George were able to utilize their resources to maximize their savings. At, it is our goal to be your number one resource for pallet rack and shelving clips.

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