Drop pin for shelving

Expanding Applications: Drop Pin Proven Compatible with Rivet Shelving

In the world of industrial shelving, safety is paramount. The search for effective safety solutions that work seamlessly across different shelving systems has been challenging, and we rarely find a one-size-fits-all solution for beam disengagement.  However, we are thrilled to announce a recent discovery that expands the versatility of the PRC026 Safety Drop Pin and…

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Paltier pallet rack label

Paltier History in a Clip

We recently pulled a piece of history from a used Paltier 50 pallet rack system that came into our warehouse. See the historical rack label and Paltier pallet rack clip above. Paltier 50 pallet racking was manufactured as far back as the 1950s. The system in our possession is over 70 years old! This rack…

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Edsal industrial rack

Where to Buy Edsal Industrial Rack

Shelf-Clips is a provider of Edsal industrial racks and safety clips. We offer numerous clip manufacturers and styles, and Edsal is one of our primary offerings. To get connected with Edsal industrial rack, call 855-289-2547 today! About Edsal Edsal is a leading US-based manufacturer and provider of storage solutions, including steel shelving, cabinets, and safety…

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What Is Quantum Storage?

Quantum Storage Systems produces a variety of steel, wire, and polymer shelving systems. They specialize in industrial plastic bins and shelving organization solutions.  Quantum’s shelving and bins help control inventory of any size. They offer small-scale parts storage and small item containment to large-scale, heavy power equipment storage. Quantum Storage Systems boasts they are the…

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Tennsco Low Profile Shelving

What are Adjustable Shelf Clips?

Adjustable shelf clips allow flexible shelving solutions for storing, displaying, and selling materials of all shapes and sizes.  With adjustable clips, you can customize the vertical height position of your shelves and create a variety of different looks and purposes. If you’re still wondering, exactly what are adjustable shelf clips, read below and learn more…

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How To Remove Shelf Clips is readable over a faded image of steel shelving

How To Remove Shelf Clips

Removing shelf clips can seem hard and sometimes confusing, but it is simpler than you would think. Although shelf clips look complicated, most of the time they are super easy to remove and it will only take you a few seconds! Steps To Removing Your Shelf Clip Step 1: Make sure your shelving is cleared…

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What Is a Pallet Rack Clip?

What Is A Pallet Rack Clip?

Pallet rack safety equipment is essential to your warehouse running as seamlessly as possible. With so much happening inside your facility, it’s critical to take every precaution possible to keep your employees and your products safe at all times. Let’s face it, building a pallet rack system to create extra storage space was an excellent…

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What Is A Shelf Clip?

What Is A Shelf Clip?

Shelf Clips add Warehouse Safety Understanding what type of shelf clips or shelving brackets are best suited for your type of shelving system is essential to keeping your warehouse safe. At, we take great pride in providing you with comprehensive buyer’s guides, tips, tricks, and techniques to help ensure your warehouse safety is top-notch…

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Maintenance technician service in cold warehouse storage, Machinery engineering people checking moving rack system and equipment in warehouse.

Quick Fix Shelf Clips

Fast Solutions For Immediate Needs Job sites are hectic. Workers can overlook small details in the organization and coordination process. While pallet racking and shelving clips are not large, warehouse professionals can not ignore their importance. That’s where we come in. We have experienced and helped with this ‘small’ detail numerous times. Clips are notorious…

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universal pallet rack drop pin

What Is The Universal Drop Pin?

What’s a Universal Drop Pin? The universal safety drop pin is the ultimate safety component for any warehouse.  Its primary function is to ensure security for racking systems by providing a safety mechanism for the beam-to-frame connection. However, unlike regular safety drop pins that necessitate a specific manufacturer and model, any pallet racking system can…

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Tennsco Shelving In Stock

What is Industrial Shelving?

For those involved in the material handling and warehousing industry, industrial shelving is a staple in storing your products and equipment. Industrial shelving is most beneficial utilized in applications that feature products that are lighter and typically can be hand-loaded. Ultimately, shelving can maximize floor space and enable easy access to whatever product may be…

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