Quick Fix Shelf Clips

Fast Solutions For Immediate Needs Job sites are hectic. Workers can overlook small details in the organization and coordination process. While pallet racking and shelving clips are not large, warehouse professionals can not ignore their importance. That’s where we come in. We have experienced and helped with this ‘small’ detail numerous times. Clips are notorious…

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universal pallet rack drop pin

What Is The Universal Drop Pin?

What is a Universal Drop Pin?  The universal safety drop pin is the ultimate safety component for any warehouse.  Its primary function is to ensure security for racking systems by providing a safety mechanism for the beam-to-frame connection. However, unlike regular safety drop pins that necessitate a specific manufacturer and model, any pallet racking system…

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Tennsco Shelving In Stock

What is Industrial Shelving?

For those involved in the material handling and warehousing industry, industrial shelving is a staple in storing your products and equipment. Industrial shelving is most beneficial utilized in applications that feature products that are lighter and typically can be hand-loaded. Ultimately, shelving can maximize floor space and enable easy access to whatever product may be…

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What is Pallet Racking?

Shelf-Clips.com specializes in warehouse safety – specifically pallet rack and shelving clips. But since you are here, you probably already knew that! By purchasing clips, you have taken a small – yet important step – in ensuring the safety of your storage area, workplace, and team members. But WHAT else do you know about pallet…

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Shelf-Clips Coronavirus

Shelf-Clips COVID-19 Updates

February 2 Shelf-Clips.com continues to be in a holding pattern with our COVID safety protocols and guidelines. We will continue to monitor local, state, and national numbers before making adjustments. Please continue to monitor this blog post, website, and our social media channels for more updates. As always, let’s make your personal, and warehouse safety,…

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how to order pallet rack clips

How to Order Pallet Rack Clips Online

Ordering products online can often be frustrating, but with this simple tutorial, your browsing and checkout at Shelf-Clips.com is sure to be stress-free! These steps will bring you through everything from the browsing process, to checkout. Happy shopping! Step 1: Choose Pallet Rack or Shelving Clips Once you have made it to Shelf-Clips.com you’re already…

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8 Steps to a Safer Warehouse

Safety plays a huge role in any warehouse. There can be potential hazards around every corner, even when you don’t realize it. As a company it’s important to stay on top of current procedures and regulations in order to stay as safe as possible. That’s why a company should regularly discuss its safety standards and strategies, as well as ways…

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Warehouse Safety

How to Make Warehouse Safety a Priority

When working in a warehouse, the safety of the individuals who operate in the warehouse each day is a primary concern. Here at Shelf-Clips.com, the products we sell are directly tied to the warehouse and safe warehouse practices, we think it’s important for our customers to know and be reminded of proper warehouse safety precautions…

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