What Is Quantum Storage?

Quantum Storage Systems

Quantum Storage Systems produces a variety of steel, wire, and polymer shelving systems. They specialize in industrial plastic bins and shelving organization solutions. 

Quantum’s shelving and bins help control inventory of any size. They offer small-scale parts storage and small item containment to large-scale, heavy power equipment storage.

Quantum Storage Systems boasts they are the most efficient, permanent, and economical solution to solve your exact storage needs, and we are proud to offer their products. Fill out a quote form to connect with Quantum shelf clips, shelving units, plastic bins, and more.

Quantum Storage Products and Offerings

Quantum Bins, Totes, and ContainersQuantum Storage Systems bins

Quantum Storage Systems specializes in industrial plastic bins, totes, and containers. Their heavy-duty bins are clear or colorful and stack or nest if needed. Other customizations are cross-stacking bins and bins with lids.

Quantum sells stackable wire mesh bins, heavy-duty storage cabinets, and small plastic drawer cabinets for organizing miscellaneous hardware or tools. They have a solution for any storage requirement.

Quantum Clips

Quantum split sleeve plastic shelf clip

Shelf clips provide safety and stability to Quantum shelving. They offer an aluminum and plastic shelf clip with their plastic and wire shelving systems. 

The Quantum Split Sleeve Plastic Shelf Clip pairs with Quantum’s lightweight plastic shelving. These clips stabilize the versatile shelving with a quick and easy clip-together installation. 

Quantum split sleeve aluminum shelf clip

The Quantum Split Sleeve Aluminum Shelf Clip has the same lock-together design but is galvanized aluminum rather than plastic. The aluminum clip is a sturdy 

shelf clip option for Quantum wire shelving — used for nearly any application.

Quantum Shelving Systems

Quantum Storage Solutions manufactures and sells three main types of shelving: steel shelving, wire shelving, and polymer shelving. Quantum Storage Systems wire shelving

Their steel shelving stores different part sizes on solid shelves that prevent parts from falling through the levels. Quantum makes steel shelving for small parts storage, medium parts storage, and large parts storage. Their 22 gauge shelving system is versatile and heavy-duty.

Their wire shelving and wire products are incredibly versatile. We have seen Quantum wire shelving retrofitted for many unique applications, including entertainment centers, food pantries, and garages. Wire mesh products offer visibility and sanitary benefits and allow water and light to pass through the shelf levels.

Quantum’s polymer shelving has two different shelf styles. Their solid plastic shelves prevent dust accumulation on each level, while their vented shelves provide optimal air circulation and dust prevention.

Shop Quantum Storage Systems 

Quantum Storage Systems ships products out of Ontario, Chicago, and Miami. Here at Shelf-Clips, we stock aluminum and plastic Quantum shelf clips and can help connect you with their other products. 

To get connected with Quantum industrial plastic bins, shelving, clips, and more, call 855-289-2547.

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