What Is A Pallet Rack Clip?

Pallet rack safety equipment is essential to your warehouse running as seamlessly as possible. With so much happening inside your facility, it’s critical to take every precaution possible to keep your employees and your products safe at all times.

Let’s face it, building a pallet rack system to create extra storage space was an excellent idea for your business. It probably opened up so many possibilities to expand your operations and product offerings. But have you gone in and ensured that every shelf was as secure and sturdy as possible? Or maybe you’re in the middle of redesigning the layout of your pallet racking system to add more room in your warehouse?

Whatever the case may be, pallet rack clips are a vital piece of your pallet rack puzzle that provides you with the security and high level of safety your employees deserve and the peace of mind knowing you have taken that much-needed extra step and protection.

At Shelf-Clips.com, we have been helping companies just like yours have the most up-to-date and comprehensive information and knowledge on making the most out of their pallet rack systems. While also ensuring that your safety precautions hold up to the test. The more prepared you are in your facility for when accidents happen, the less damaging they will be.

Today, we want to take some time to dive into what is a pallet rack clip and how they can help keep your warehouse safe in the event of an accident.

What is a pallet rack clip? 

Pallet rack clips, or pallet rack pins, are pieces of metal shaped into a pin used to secure your pallet rack beams to your uprights and prevent movement or dislodging when they’re stuck with an upward force action.

Why are they important?

Pallet rack safety equipment is one of the most important things to consider for your warehouse. Whether you already have a complete pallet rack system in place or you’re in the process of redesigning or installing a new one, the thing you never want to forget about or overlook are pallet rack clips. These pallet rack safety clips, or safety pins, are the best way to keep your system safe and secure.

They are essential because they keep your shelving in place in the event of being struck by a forklift or machine.

Look at it this way, when you create your pallet racks and then load your goods or products on them, they’re being held down to the floor and in place by the weight of the products on them and gravity. But what if one of your employees would accidentally lift up too fast on the forklift while removing products on the shelf below?

If you don’t have the proper pallet rack safety clips in place, the shelf above would be lifted out of its position and, in turn, could lead to the entire system collapsing in that particular area of your pallet racks. Pallet rack clips keep your rack shelves in place even in the event of being struck by a forklift.

But there’s a reason that your pallet rack systems are designed in this way. They’re designed to be set at custom levels that fit the needs of your warehouse and products. For example, some companies require having far more shelf space on top, and others can stack more shelves closer together. But to do this, pallet rack manufacturers design the shelves to easily slide into place by hand by lifting the beam up and out.

So, how do pallet rack clips work?

Pallet rack safety clips are easily installed at the connection between the beam and column at each end. Because every beam is supported on each end, you need to ensure you utilize a pallet rack clip at each. In addition, be sure that the pallet rack clips you use are able to resist an upward force of 1,000 lbs.

Once you slide a pallet rack clip into place at each end of the shelf, your clips work to hold your shelf in place when things like a forklift impact them.

Finding the perfect pin for your system.

Every pallet rack system manufacturer uses a different type of pallet rack pin to secure their shelves. Therefore, it’s essential to take the time to research what kind of clip your system uses so you can ensure that you’re keeping your employees safe at all times.

At Shelf-Clips.com, we’ve designed a state-of-the-art clip-identifying system that allows you to know which clip is the one you need instantly. Though, a safe bet is to check out our Universal Shelving Drop Pin and Universal 2.0 Drop Pin

Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin

Pallet racking clips play a critical role in the safety of your warehouse racking systems. Without using them, you are putting your employees in harm’s way and adding far more safety risks than you need to for your business. Pallet rack clips, or otherwise known as beam locks or beam connector locks, are one of the best ways to secure every beam in your racking system to the frame.

You never know when something is going to happen, like a forklift will rise too quickly and strike your pallet shelves above. These devices ensure that you’re protected when that happens. Because they’re in place protecting your beams from getting dislodged, even when you’re just loading products or materials.

The last thing you want to have happened in your warehouse is a pallet fall to the ground or your entire racking system collapse because you didn’t have a pallet rack clip in a place where one was needed.

Shelf-Clips.com can help you find the right pallet rack clips for your facility and ensure that all of your staff are safe and secure no matter what happens. Call us today to find out how we can help, or visit our clip identifier to order your replacement clips today!

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