The Best Place to Buy Clips for Shelves is

The best place to buy clips for shelves is We are a one-stop shop for all things storage organization and warehouse safety. As an online provider of shelf clips and pallet rack clips, we aim to bolster your storage system and keep your warehouse up to code. 

But our offerings exceed online clips. We prioritize safety and education, so we offer various online resources to help you navigate your way from research to purchase. See our safety clip resources below and other benefits of buying clips for shelves through – the number one safety clip provider on the web.

Shelf Clip Resources

Shelf Clip Identifier


Shelf Clip identifierIn addition to offering safety clips for sale online, we have several helpful resources like our shelf clip identifier to help you choose the right clips every time.

Are you unsure what safety clips you have? The pictures on our shelf clip identifier will help you quickly identify your current clips, including the name and manufacturer, and bring you to a product page where you can purchase additional clips online. 

Shelf Clip Buyer’s Guide

If you need safety clips but don’t know where to start, visit our shelf clip buyer’s guide for step-by-step instructions, including the essential information needed to get started. 

Our shelf clip buyer’s guide covers the basics, like shelf clips vs. pallet rack clips, choosing the right clips for your system, and five easy steps to purchasing safety clips.

Shelf Clip Experts

Are you still spinning in circles, trying to find the proper clips for your application? If you have questions, our friendly team of shelf clip experts is just a call away. Call 855-289-2547 or fill out a contact form to get in touch today!

If we don’t have the clip you need in stock, we can offer alternatives and even connect you with one of our pallet rack and shelving partners to purchase new or additional racking along with safety clips. 

Buy Clips for Shelves Online Today

Shelf-Clips aspires to make every warehouse a safe and welcoming place to work. We promise to help make your warehouse a safer place by answering your questions and working to connect you to the right products. 

Our large selection of shelf and pallet rack clips makes shopping online easy. At, we even offer used and close-out clips when available for those older storage systems that aren’t in production today. Call Shelf-Clips or shop online today!

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