Paltier History in a Clip

Paltier 50 Pallet RackingWe recently pulled a piece of history from a used Paltier 50 pallet rack system that came into our warehouse. See the historical rack label and Paltier pallet rack clip above.

Paltier 50 pallet racking was manufactured as far back as the 1950s. The system in our possession is over 70 years old!

This rack style has been out of production for well over ten years. It is impressive that after 70+ years, an intact Paltier 50 system stands in our warehouse, ready to be rehomed.  

Stocking an old system like this in our warehouse is always exciting. The years of wear and tear barely show, which attests to the quality of this product and the meticulousness taken in production. 


Paltier Corporation History

Paltier 50 pallet rack patentPaltier was a pallet rack manufacturer established in 1947 by Leroy Skubic and based in Michigan City, Indiana. The company manufactured pallet rack systems and related products, including cantilever racking, gravity racks, mezzanines, and more. 

Paltier was a long-standing industry leader, active with the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), Material Handling Institute (MHI), and the Association of Mezzanine Manufacturers. Leroy Skubic was an accredited architect and engineer who wrote the first ANSI standards for RMI. 

The corporation structured its business principles around product quality and proper design. Their rack quality speaks for itself – the 70+-year-old racking in our warehouse is a testament to Paltier’s resilient design. 

The Paltier Lifetime Product Warranty proved the faith that Paltier had in its product design and engineering.


Lyon Incorporates Paltier Corporation 

Lyon purchased Paltier Corporation in 1979 and continued to make the Paltier design for many years. Lyon is still operating under the name Lyon Workspace and is one of the longest-standing material handling manufacturers – established in 1901. 

Although Lyon no longer manufactures Paltier products, you can find a wide variety of quality steel storage products for sale here, including lockers, cabinets, shelving, racking, workbenches, and more. 

Looking for Paltier? 

Paltier Pallet Rack Clip

Paltier racking and shelf clips are no longer in production today and can only be found used. Any used Paltier-style clips we receive will be listed on our website when available. 

Check our used and close-out clips page for our available used clips, or call 855-289-2547 for current stock and availability.


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