Ridgurak Pallet Rack Beam Safety Clip

If you’re familiar with pallet racking, you’ll likely recognize Ridg-U-Rak as being in the top tier of established and ubiquitous pallet rack manufacturers. Their products are widely known for their quality and versatility, and, as one of North America’s largest pallet rack manufacturers, their racking can be seen in warehouses coast to coast. It’s no surprise then that Rid-U-Rak saw fit to manufacture safety clips as well.

Ridgurak Pallet Rack Beam Safety Clip

Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack Spring Clip
Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack Spring Clip (PRC002)

The Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack Spring Clip, also known as the “Ridg-U-Rak Standard Pinch Pin”, is a pallet rack safety clip used primarily as a means of keeping pallet rack beams from becoming unhinged by forklifts. Because most pallet rack beams are held in place simply by sliding rivets into slots, there is often no mechanism for keeping beams from being unintentionally lifted upwards. In order to ensure this won’t happen, it is typically advised to use safety clips.

Not all safety clips are the same — in fact, there is a wide array of styles and functionalities available. Some fit only the pallet rack systems they’re made by, while others are universal. Some are spring-loaded, such as the Ridg-U-Rak spring clip, and others are static. One of the most significant selling points of Ridg-U-Rak’s clip is its ease of use and ability to be transferred from one rack to another. To engage the clip, all one needs to do is squeeze it and fit the two ends into the pallet rack slots in such a way that one of the ends is inserted into a beam slot. The clip is made using galvanized steel in order to mitigate rusting a prolong the clip’s life.

Spring Clip for Pallet Racking If you’re interested in promoting safety in your warehouse with Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Rack Spring Clips, visit our online shelf-clips catalog and shop around. We’ve got Ridg-U-Rak and other clip models in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse. Or, if you’d like to talk to one of the helpful on our sales team, give us a call at 855-289-2547.

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