Pallet Rack Beam Safety Pin

Chances are, if you own and/or oversee a warehouse, safety is a primary concern. There is a myriad of reasons why safety in the warehouse is highly sought after, which we don’t need to delve into in this post. Of course, there are many definitions of “safe,” and different people may have differing strategies when it comes to outfitting their warehouses and ensuring safety goals are met. The sea of warehouse safety products available on the market can be overwhelming — railings, pallet rack protectors, machine guards, to name just a few — each serving its own unique purpose. However, there is one product whose versatility matches its utility when it comes to warehouse safety: the Universal Pallet Rack Safety Drop Pin.

Pallet Rack Beam Safety Pin

Safety drop pins serve a simple, yet crucial purpose: the prevention Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin of pallet rack beams from being accidentally disengaged by forklifts. It’s commonplace to see beams that are manufactured with built-in safety pins to prevent such an occurrence from taking place. However, when they’re not built in such a way, or if the the safety pin has somehow been broken off, it presents a considerable risk to your rack, product, and most importantly, personnel. Upward-moving forklifts can bump beams from underneath, dislodging beam rivets from their respective slots. This, of course, can result in the collapse of the beam level and whatever product might be stored there. Because of the inherent risk present, it’s highly recommended to invest in safety pins. It’s here that Pallet Rack Beam Safety Pins provide their value.

Featuring a zinc coating and J-bolt design, these drop pins stand true to their name — they’ll fit virtually any style of pallet rack available, meaning you won’t need to purchase multiple safety pin models to fit different styles of pallet rack. What’s more, the drop pins are extremely easy to use, and they’re installed simply by sliding the pin into 3/8” aligning holes in the pallet rack.

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