SpaceRAK Pallet Racking Beam Replacement Clip

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly popular to take various shortcuts in an effort to help save time and money. Regardless of what measures one might take to do so, and regardless of their ethical ramifications (or lack thereof), the end goal is the same: increase profitability. In some areas, this is often a good thing, and a positive step for the company. In others, however, it can backfire and end up being detrimental in more ways than one. An example of an ill advised area to cut costs is safety. This rings particularly true in a warehouse environment, where accidents, though gradually improving over time, are still commonplace.

SpaceRak Pallet Rack Clip Old Style When people think of pallet rack safety, a number of things may come to mind: pallet rack protection, well-trained forklift operators, obtaining accurate capacities, etc. However, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase pallet rack safety is often overlooked. That is, of course, the safety clip. Safety clips provide an essential function for forklift operators, in that they prevent pallet rack beams from being lifted upwards. While the beam’s rivets fit into the upright’s slots, keeping the beam elevated, there’s no way to keep the beam from being disengaged in an upward motion unless a safety clip is present.

SpaceRAK Pallet Racking Beam Replacement Clip

At, we wish to provide those looking to add safety to their warehouse by being a reliable supplier of pallet rack safety clips. One of the most popular brands of pallet rack clips offered at is SpaceRAK. As a leader in pallet rack products, this is unsurprising. We carry two models of SpaceRAK clips: SpaceRak Pallet Rack Clip Old Style (OS) and SpaceRak Pallet Rack Clip New Style. If you’re an owner of the old style of SpaceRAK pallet rack, our SpaceRAK Old Style pallet rack clip should be just what you need.

For more information on the SpaceRAK clip and what makes it such a valuable resource, get in touch with us at 855-289-2547. To order the SpaceRAK Old Style clip, simply do so online from, and experience the benefits of fast and reliable shipping.

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