Safety Clip Applications for Home and Retail

Here at, we know that our typical customer is outfitting storage solutions in a warehouse or other industrial storage setting. While common usage does fall under this umbrella, we want you to know that our metal shelving clips serve numerous purposes in various environments. Whether it be in retail, customer-facing settings, manufacturing plants, or in private residences (specifically those being remodeled), shelving clips are critical for the functionality and safety of your space. 

The following are how they can help you.

Shelving Clips in Private Residences 

Are you in the process of constructing, remodeling, or refurbishing your home or residence? The changes could include updates as simple as a new piece of furniture or reorganizing your office or garage space. The COVID-19 pandemic has relegated millions to their homes, leading to the desire to update, remodel, and overhaul residences across the country. 

Tensco with Metal Shelving Clips

Homeowners have resorted to updating their homes, making their abodes more organized, newer, and aesthetically pleasing to reside. We have found that the addition of new shelving or cabinets is often part of the update, and creating organized and manageable spaces can relieve ongoing headaches. Home offices and garages are prime examples of utilizing structured systems that rely on vertical space to save floor space. 

This situation is where shelving clips come in. 

We have found that people often forget these safety clips during the installation process. Commonly, future customers are not aware of their existence. While metal shelving clips may not seem important, they support increasingly heavy loads and prevent failures, dislodgment, and even collapses. If these catastrophic events occur, equipment and possessions could be damaged by the collapse, or even worse, failure could cause serious injuries. 

At, we have a saying that we make warehouse safety simple. This motto applies to the home as well. If you have shelving that needs to be secured, we can find the clip you need for your particular application. Save time, and let us identify your shelving or storage system and the corresponding fastener. Additionally, our universal pallet rack drop pin will fit nearly all types of rack for applications that require heavy-duty pallet racking.  

Shelving Clips for Retail Applications

Shelving clips in retail, customer-facing applications are critically important for the simple reason that customers are interacting with products on shelving units. Keeping employees safe is critical in warehouse settings, but the shopping floor opens up even more business liability. On top of the horrible possibility of injury to a customer, this situation could lead to legal headaches as well. 

Retailers are always driving customers towards making more impulse purchases and increasing value. While posters and banners help to influence shoppers towards preferred aisles and areas, targeted prompts on shelf edges and facings draw eyes to more specific brands and promotions. Incorporating more edge-of-shelf advertising into a retail marketing strategy helps to create a more profitable brick-and-mortar store.

With this in mind, it is thus increasingly important for retail owners (big or small) to optimize their shelving space to showcase their products to consumers in an accessible, productive, and SAFE manner. Of course, safety is where we come in.

Metal shelving clips support products stacked on shelving safely and efficiently. This type of application commonly utilizes our Borroughs, Lyon, Tri-Boro, or Tennsco product lines. These allow for fast, easy installation, eliminate the need for hardware, and conveniently allow you to rearrange shelves without disassembling an entire unit.

Ultimately, it’s crucial for retailers that their shelf space is open and visible. Shelving clips allow this access to happen safely while making products easily accessible to customers. Constant customer interaction with inventory makes the extra layer of protection provided by clips essential. 

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