Wireway Husky Pallet Rack Clip

The history of Wireway Husky Corporation can be traced to 1964 when the company was first launched as a manufacturer of security wire partition products. From here, Wireway grew steadily, eventually opening a new factory in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1985, Wireway cemented its place in the material handling industry by acquiring Atlanta, Georgia-based Husky Systems, a pallet rack manufacturer. Presently, Wireway Husky is among the nation’s most prominent pallet rack manufacturers, prompting Shelf-Clips.com to be a carrier of Wireway Husky pallet rack replacement clips.

Wireway Husky Pallet Rack Clip
Wireway Husky Pallet Rack Clip (PRC012)

In terms of function, Wireway clips are relatively easy to install. The clips have small clips on each end, which are inserted into small aligning holes in the pallet rack beam and upright frame. These hold the clip in place. There is a larger cylindrical pin located near the center of the clip that is also inserted into aligning holes, the function of which is to prevent the cross beam from accidentally being lifted upward by a forklift operator. There are also circular holes in the clip that fit around the connector pins of the pallet rack cross beam so that the clip lays flat against the surface of the beam.

Shelf-Clips.com carries Wireway Husky pallet rack clips and maintains an in-stock inventory of them, ensuring our ability to ship your clips within 24-48 hours of order placement. Considering the difficulty of finding pallet rack replacement clips online, we think you’ll be pleased with the convenience of our ordering and delivery process. We’ve got thousands of clips in stock, so don’t be hesitant if you think your project may be too large. If you’re looking for a clip other than the Wireway Husky, make sure to look through our entire clip selection. If you can’t find it there, check out our handy “Clip Identifier.”

To order Wireway Husky pallet rack clips, simply use our quick and easy online ordering process, or give us a call at 855-289-2547. Find out more about the product here.

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