Shelf Clip Installation On YouTube

We often receive questions on pallet rack and shelf clip installation. To help answer your questions, we’ve started a playlist on our YouTube channel dedicated to showing you the proper installation of these clips.

We will continue to add to this playlist with more and more clips. We hope that this is a beneficial, and educational, tool for all our current customers, and those with questions about their shelving or pallet rack clips.

We’ve started by covering the Speedrack Old Style Pallet Rack Clip, the Ridg-U-Rak CL Clip, and the Wireway-Husky Pallet Rack Clip. If you are missing any of these safety clips, or any other brands, we have thousands of clips in-stock from all of the industry’s biggest manufacturers. Even if you still have the OEM clips on your racking, we also do recommend additional security in the form of our Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin, or its new, more durable counterpart the 2.0.

For updates and alerts for new shelf clip installation videos, or to view other clip overview videos, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, or subscribe to our mailing list. Let us help you make your warehouse safety simple!

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