Safety Clip 2.0 Drop Pin Zinc Box of 50 PRC200

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Box of 50 Pallet Rack Drop Pins

  • Fits all pallet racking with 1/2″ aligning slots
  • Newly designed larger diameter from the “Original Pallet Rack Drop Pin”
  • Meets RMI/ANSI requirement of withstanding 1000#+ of upward force
  • Easy to use
  • Increases warehouse safety
  • Keep beams from dislodging
  • Orders ship in under 48 hours
  • Recommended to be used along with OEM Clip
  • Actual diameter for the 2.0 drop pin is 3/8″ inches, while the diameter for the 1.0 is 0.29″ inches.
  • Additional Safety and Spec Information

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Universal Pallet Rack Safety Drop Pin 2.0

The Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0 is a newer version of our popular Universal Pallet Rack Drop PIn. Measuring 3/8″ in diameter, the safety drop pin will fit in any 1/2″ aligning holes. For pallet racking with larger than 3/8″ punch holes, the Universal Drop Pin 2.0 is the go-to product.

Meet Warehouse Safety Requirements

ANSI/RMI 16.1 Section 5.4.2 states that “…a locking device that prevents disengagement of the shelf beam when subjected to a 1000 lbs vertical uplift force. It is important that the locking devices be properly installed and remain engaged.”

J Pins for Pallet Rack

The Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin 2.0 provides an easy, cost-effective way to help prevent pallet rack accidents in the warehouse. Without safety clips, lift truck operators can accidentally dislodge beams from the racking. Lack of safety clips can cause costly damage to products and threaten the safety of personnel. We commonly hear from businesses who installed safety drop pins only after an accident has occurred. Be proactive and outfit your warehouse with drop pins before an incident takes place.

Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin - pallet racking safety clip
Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin Installation

There is nothing more frustrating than searching the internet for hours without finding the product you need. Finding the right pallet rack clips is no exception. The 2.0 Drop Pin provides our customers with a simple solution to increase the safety in their pallet rack system. With the drop pin, there’s no need to guess which manufacturer makes the clip. Just confirm the width of your punch holes and take a step towards a safer warehouse.

Will Pallet Rack Safety Pins Work for My Racking?

Our 2.0 Pallet Rack Drop Pin is easy to install, and can provide warehouse managers with a simple solution to increase safety in their rack system. Used rack systems often have missing or damaged safety clips putting warehouse managers and distribution facilities at risk because pallet rack beam clips are an essential safety component of a rack system. When these clips are missing, rack systems are more susceptible to failure. Compatibility is the number one question we get when asked about our drop pins. Our drop pins fit 1/2″ wide aligning holes. So, if you can find two 1/2” aligning holes in your cross beam and upright frames, these pallet rack drop pins will most likely be compatible with your pallet rack.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in
Box Shipping Dimensions

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2 reviews for Safety Clip 2.0 Drop Pin Zinc Box of 50 PRC200

  1. Kelley Weaver (verified owner)

    Very simple to install. Much safer than the clips provide with the racks.

  2. William Wheeler (verified owner)

    The staff was great to work with and after explaining our situation the 2.0 was recommended. We bought an initial order to try it out and they are exactly what we needed. The 2.0’s are a perfect fit that gave us a much higher comfort level for our safety then the smaller head pins we were considering using. We are now ordering the 1,000s we need. Thanks!

    • The Clip King

      Thank you Bill! You were a delight to work with and we look forward to working with you in the future!! -Karen

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