Unarco Kingway Galvanized Box of 50 PRC024 – Safety Clip

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Unarco Pallet Rack Clip Kingway

The Unarco Pallet Rack Clip Kingway pallet rack was engineered with an added safety clip on the inside of the beam. These clips provide additional safety to the rack system by fitting through aligning holes in the beam and upright frames. The Unarco clip style has a unique mold, offering easy identification. Designed for easy installation, these clips simply attach to the cross beam and fit into the aligning holes in the frame.

Unarco Pallet Rack Clip Kingway Installation

The Kingway pallet rack clip can be installed on the beam before connecting it to the upright frame. The clip connects on the inside of the beam and engages with the upright when the beam is placed in the beam connector holes.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
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