Unarco Sturdibilt Galvanized Box of 18 PRC016 – Safety Clip

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  • Compatible with Unarco Sturdi Bilt pallet racking
  • Fast installation
  • Strong, long-lasting design
  • Ships in 48 hours or less
  • Comes in box of: 18

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Unarco Sturdi-Bilt Pallet Rack Clip

You have the beams and frames; now, get the clips you need to use them. The Unarco Sturdi Bilt pallet rack clip supports pallet rack crossbeams, providing a secure beam-to-frame connection. Often referred to as a “cactus clip,” this is one of the most recognizable warehouse storage accessories around. Unarco Studri Bilt Pallet Racking It features a simple, two-prong hook design. Without this vital piece of equipment, the Sturdi Bilt model cannot function properly.

With thousands of Unarco clips in stock, we’re your leader in pallet rack and shelving clips. We promise secure online ordering, fast shipping, and helpful customer service. All orders ship within 48 hours of the time your order’s placed.

Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Lock system can still be ordered for existing systems. In addition, the original design is still available for repair or add-on orders of the first pallet rack design.

There are two versions of the Sturdi-Bilt Wedge Lock for shipment: ( P304H PRC016) and ( P303H PRC017 ). Please specify when ordering.

Unarco Sturdi-Bilt Clip FAQ

Q: Can this clip be used with a used pallet rack?

A: Yes. In fact, that is the most common use for these clips. Unfortunately, used pallet racking often comes without the needed clips, and this product offers the perfect solution.

Q: Are there other quantity options available?

A: Unarco Sturdi Bilt clips are available in as high a quantity as are needed but are available only in increments of 18.

Q: Can I use my own shipping carrier?

A: Yes. If you’d like to use your own carrier, please give customer service a call, and we’ll be happy to place your order.

Q: How long does shipping usually take:

A: All orders ship within 2 business days or less, and ground transit time is usually 2-5 days. However, expedited shipping options are available at the checkout, including UPS Overnight, Next Day Air, and more.

Unarco Sturdi-Bilt Pallet Rack Clip Installation

The Sturdibilt utilizes a Sturdi Bilt Pallet Rack Clip that fits through the back of the upright column and protrudes two prongs out of the front, providing two areas where the beam can rest and secure the upright.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in
Box Shipping Dimensions

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