Safety Clip Republic Keystone Spring Galvanized Box of 14 PRC013

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Republic Pallet Rack Safety Clip

Republic Storage Systems is a pallet rack manufacturer that was purchased from LTV Steel by its employees in 1986. In 2006, the company became part of the Versa Capital Management, LLC family of companies. The Republic / Keystone design is another common style of pallet racking found in warehouses across the United States. The Republic design can be found in most major online pallet rack shelving catalogs. Wireway Husky, Bulldog, and Speedrack also produce a Republic Keystone pallet rack design. The most common way to identify your rack system is to look for a manufacturer stamp, part numbers or use a Pallet Rack Identifier Tool.

Republic Pallet Rack Safety Clip Installation

Our Republic Safety Clips hook on the inside ear of the beam and engage in the upright through aligning holes in the upright frame and crossbeam. The locking safety clip locks beam and upright together to prevent accidental beam uplift

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