Prest PL1 Galvanized Box of 50 PRC015 – Safety Clip

This product is discontinued. Please contact us with any questions.


Prest Pallet Rack Safety Clip Solution

Prest slotted pallet racking requires Prest PL1 safety clips to prevent beams from disengaging. The Pl1 clip is designed specifically for Prest pallet racking and is quick and easy to install. Although this safety clip is no longer manufactured today, we offer it second-hand when stock is available. If we do not have any in stock, we also offer replacement clips. See more on our Prest replacement clips below.

Prest Replacement Clip

Looking to secure your Prest slotted racking but unable to find in-stock Prest PL1 safety clips? Try our HP Pin! This pin is a unique replacemeioknt option that fits the slots of Prest racking and prevents beam disengagement. Call 855-289-2547 for more information.


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