Shelf Clip Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our shelf clip buyer’s guide! This guide is excellent for first-time clip buyers or those who need a quick refresh on clip brands and compatibility. Find valuable resources and step-by-step instructions on how to purchase the right clips for your pallet rack or shelving configurations below.

Shelf clips vs. pallet rack clips

What’s the difference between shelf clips and pallet rack clips? Pallet rack clips are designed explicitly for pallet racking, which is much larger than shelving. Let’s first discuss racking vs. shelving. 

Pallet racking fills entire warehouses and provides considerably greater capacity than shelving does. It takes a forklift to move products around since they reside on large wooden pallets. Pallet rack clips are often required to meet warehouse safety codes. They secure beams and keep them from disengaging – to a point. If enough upward force meets a beam, these clips will disengage and allow the beam to detach rather than take down an entire pallet rack system. 

So, you see the importance of pallet rack clips, but what about shelf clips?

Shelving is typically smaller and used for smaller-scale storage in warehouses or personal spaces like a garage. Shelf clips are designed for this type of shelving and add to the stability of a system. 

See our shelf clip identifier to get an idea of the different types of pallet rack and shelf clips.

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How to choose the right clips for your system

If you visited our shelf clip identifier page, you probably know that there are many different clips for different rack brands. But, how do you know what clips are right for your system? 

You’re already halfway there if you know what brand your pallet rack or shelf system is. Another essential factor is rack dimensions and version – there can be slight variations between different years of the same rack brand and style. 

Here at Shelf-Clips, we make it easy to find the clips you need. Each clip listing states the manufacturer first to help you immediately narrow down your options. 

Find more helpful answers for what kind of clips you need for your shelving and more in our blog

Five easy steps to purchasing shelf clips

  1. Identify rack brand and size
  2. Do you need pallet rack clips or shelf clips?
  3. Determine how many clips you’ll need
  4. Contact us at Shelf-Clips if you need help finding the proper clips
  5. Add desired quantity to cart and checkout

It’s as simple as that! As the world’s leading shelf clip retailer, we offer the most options in one place and aim to simplify the buying process for our customers.

We hope this guide helped you navigate through finding and buying clips for your pallet rack or shelf system. If you have any questions, call us at 855.289.2547.