Substitute Rack and Shelving Clips 101

Here at we understand how important it is to keep your warehouse safe. We also know how frustrating it can be not being able to find your existing, or newly needed clips. Those are the two driving factors that have helped us build our clip library into the most comprehensive of its kind on the internet. We often work with customers whose clips are hard-to-find, out-of-stock, or discontinued. Our goal is to help you find suitable shelf clips substitutes. That’s why we put together this list of common clip substitutes we recommend to help ease your warehouse woes and make your clip shopping experience easier…because Gorilla Glue won’t work here. For Prest Pallet Rack Clips

Due to Prest Rack being purchased by Excel Storage Products, and the latter ceasing the manufacturing of Prest pallet rack clips, a shortage of these clips is in full swing. Luckily our PRC029 – the Konstant Redirack HP Pin – works as a perfect substitute shelf clip for the Prest clips. 

PRC029 the Konstant Redirack HP Pin a substitute Shelf Clip for Prest Clips
PRC029 In Action

PRC001 and PRC200 2.0 For Discontinued Clips

A variety of clips have been discontinued due to various manufacturers ceasing operations, switching their products, or other reasons. The PRC001, most commonly referred to as the universal drop pin, is the most common substitute shelf clip we utilize. The PRC200, the 2.0 version of the universal drop pin, is a thicker, sturdier version of the original and is a suitable replacement for more heavy-duty applications. It fits 1/2” aligning holes and has a larger diameter as well. Below is a list of discontinued clips the PRC001 can replace:

  • United Steel Products
  • Excel Storage Products
  • Cardinal Racking
  • Interlake Racking “New Style”
  • Kingway Pallet Rack
  • Lyon Pallet Rack
  • Spacerak Old Style Teardrop

While our universal drop pin is an excellent replacement option for the aforementioned clips, the reality for a lot of industrial shelving and pallet rack is that they require the OEM clip manufactured specifically for that particular brand. If you are having trouble finding the clip you need, we would encourage you to review our shelf and pallet rack clip inventories. From there, we will do our best to find the exact clips, a suitable replacement, or source your desired clip. Because at, we make your warehouse safety simple. 

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