how to order pallet rack clips

How to Order Pallet Rack Clips Online

Ordering products online can often be frustrating, but with this simple tutorial, your browsing and checkout at is sure to be stress-free! These steps will bring you through everything from the browsing process, to checkout. Happy shopping!

Step 1: Choose Pallet Rack or Shelving Clips

Once you have made it to you’re already halfway there to receiving your clips! On the homepage, you will see a black toolbar towards the top of the page. There you will either click on “Pallet Rack Clips” or “Shelving Clips”, depending on your clip needs. If you know the name of the product you’re looking for, you can simply type it into the search bar located just below the black toolbar.

Step 2: Find the Pallet Rack or Shelving Clips You Need in the Catalog

After you have clicked “Pallet Rack Clips” or “Shelving Clips”, you can scroll the page to find the product you need. There are many products that look similar, so be sure to read the product titles. Once you have found the product, click on its picture.

Step 3: Verify it’s the Clip You Need and Add it to Your Cart

You should now be on the specific product’s page. First, you can take a look at the multiple photos of the clip you’ve chosen by clicking on the smaller photos below the main product photo. One of those will be a photo with dimensions of each part of the clip. Scroll down the page to review the product description to ensure it is the correct clip you are looking for. The description will give simple background information on the specific clip. You can also click on the “Additional Information” tab that is to the right of the “Description” tab for the clip’s weight, dimensions, and brand of the clip. Once you have determined this is the correct clip, choose your quantity needed and click on the “Add To Cart” option.

Note: Under the price of the product there will be a description of how many clips come in each box. The quantity you want to add to your cart is the number of boxes you want, not the number of clips.

Step 4: Review Your Clips on the Cart Page

Now, on this page, you should see the clip(s) you chose as well as the quantity and total price. If you’re looking for more than one clip, you can click on “Continue shopping” just above the product details. If you have a coupon code you can enter it in under the product details and click “Apply Coupon”. If all is correct, click on “Proceed To Checkout”.

Step 5: The Checkout Page

This next page you will fill in your billing and shipping details. Once you have done so, you can choose your shipping preferences. It will automatically be set on “Ground (UPS)”, which you can change if you want your order expedited. Take a look at the various shipping options and prices and choose the best option for you. After selection, you will see an updated order total.

Step 6: Ordering Your New Rack Safety Clips!

At the bottom of the page, you’ll enter your payment information. You can see our terms & conditions by clicking on the blue bolded “terms & conditions” under the payment information. Once you’ve gone over this, click on the box to the right to indicate you’ve read the terms & conditions. Review your billing and shipping details to ensure all is correct, then click “Place order”. Your order is complete!

Upon placing your order, you’ll receive an email order confirmation. Then, once your order has shipped you’ll receive another email with the tracking information for your order. If you have questions about your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Or, if you want to speak to someone directly you can reach us at 855.289.2547 or by email at
Once you receive your items, feel free to leave us a message and tell us how we did!

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